The Crusader Raffle is an annual fundraising campaign undertaken in the fall of each year by the students, faculty and parents of St Paul’s High School. It raises money to support student activities not covered by the operational budget of the School. Funds raised go towards the Bursary Fund, support extracurricular programs, and help to subsidize grad expenses for students in their grade 12 year.

Important dates to remember:

9 September - Raffle is launched and students receive their raffle tickets

9 November - All tickets (sold or unsold) must be returned on or before this date

19 January - Draw date

The price per raffle ticket is $5 and a full sheet of 4 tickets is available for $20. A full sheet of four tickets includes the option of receiving a 2012 St Paul’s High School Calendar. When selling an entire sheet, please remember to ask the purchaser if they would like a 2012 St Paul’s Calendar. If they do, please check off the box on the top left corner of the raffle sheet.

If each student sells just 10 sheets of tickets on average, we could raise $117,000! If you’ve sold your original allotment, please pick up more tickets from the Advancement Office.

This year we have $20,000 cash in prizes up for grabs! Prizes are distributed at the following levels: one prize at the $10,000, $5,000 and $2,000 level and three prizes of $1,000. Additionally, we are offering the following incentives for top student sellers: individual top seller prizes from $100 - $500 in the form of cash or gift cards, pizza lunches for the top selling class in each grade, and over $1,000 in weekly sales incentives brought to you by the Student Council.

Students should return all tickets and money from sales to the Advancement Office (located near the front lobby of the School across from the Business Office). ALL TICKETS, SOLD and UNSOLD, must be returned. The Crusader Raffle is licensed by the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission (MGCC). License rules dictate that sellers will be accountable for all sold, unsold and lost tickets. In accordance with these regulations, sellers will be responsible for covering the cost of any lost or unreturned tickets. If you have lost or unreturned tickets, please pick up a form from the Advancement Office which is required to be submitted with payment for unreturned tickets on or before 9 November.

Thank you in advance for your support of the 2011 Crusader Raffle. The volunteer work you provide is supported by the entire community of St Paul’s and makes a lasting difference. Good luck selling your raffle tickets, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the School’s Advancement Office.

Time and Place

Date and Time

September 9, 2011


St Paul's High School


2200 Grant Ave


Winnipeg, MB

Contact Information


St Paul's High School

Phone Number

204 831-2300