This is the seventh annual retreat. The purpose of TFR is to welcome new students to St Paul's and give them an opportunity to get to know their peers better after having spent the better part of a term together. All Grade 9 students and new Grade 10 students are required to participate in the retreat.

TFR is led by Grade 12 students who serve as group leaders to the participants of the retreat as well as Grade 10 and 11 students who serve as members of the Grounds Crew, a group who looks after many of the logistical details during the actual events of the retreat.

Each year, the leaders choose and develop a theme for the retreat, and this year's theme is MUST. The meaning of this acronym will be revealed at the opening ceremonies on December 11.

Students attending the retreat are asked to bring a snack to school on the morning of December 11 and drop it off in the Crusader Locker Room in the school cafeteria. Each homeroom class is asked to bring snacks as listed below. Students are asked to bring enough of their designated snack to accommodate 12 people.

Class 9-1 Mr. Carruthers: Juice boxes

Class 9-2 Mr. Higham: Muffins (please no nuts)

Class 9-3 Mr. Lewin: Fruits (apples and oranges are best)

Class 9-4 Mr. Adair: Cookies (please no nuts)

Class 9-5 Mr. Smith: Bottled water

New grade 10 students: Juice boxes

Time and Place

Date and Time

December 11, 2008 – 6:00pm
to December 13, 2008 – 11:30am


St Paul's High School


2200 Grant Avenue


Winnipeg, MB

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