On Tuesday, June 2 the senior class attended a closing mass celebrating Kairoses 30 to 33. The mass was held outdoors in the school amphitheater on a sunny but cool day (with a bit of a wind to keep principal celebrant Fr Mulvihill on his toes.)

The liturgy featured opening remarks by Liam Black describing Kairos as a journey that is ongoing, by Caleb Dobson describing the community that we have created and a Psalm (U2's "Sometimes You Can't make it on Your Own" sung by Stefan Baluta and Carey Buss).

We were treated to a shared homily by Danny Militano, Jordan Stephensen and Fr Mulvihill. As the liturgy ended Nicholas Gladu urging all to "Go Light the World (Carry Your Candle) and Live the Fourth in our daily lives. A presentation of a silver Kairos cross was made to Mrs Laping and we were treated to a barbecue prepared by the grade eleven leaders of K35.

Time and Place

Date and Time

June 2, 2009