June 9, 2018

Taylor takes home 4 gold medals, Indome 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Fans were needing medical attention because they couldn't handle the excitement of the final day of the Provincial Track and Field Championships. 

In what came down to the closest team finish ever, the varsity cru tied the Kelvin Clippers with 61 points each, but won the championship by winning more medals, 7-6. 

Jack Taylor won the 3000m, then later ran on the gold medal winning 4 X 100m relay team - not the usually double. 

Matt Indome won silver in the 200m, then anchored the 4x 100m relay to gold.

Nic Peters - Placed 7th in the 200m, gold in 4X100m.

Thane Tomlinson - gold in 4 X 100m

Tristan Hutter - 7th in Penthalon, huge 4 points!!

Ben Gardner - 8th in Triple Jump - 1 point - biggest point he has ever scored.