April 19, 2021

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Fr. David Creamer S.J. with our community.

Fr. Creamer S.J. passed away on Saturday, April 17th, and is remembered at St. Paul’s High School as a dear friend, visionary leader and former Director of the Apostolate.

Under Fr. Creamer’s leadership in the ’80s, enrollment at the school increased significantly. Fr. Creamer S.J. focused on expanding and improving the school’s facilities and teaching spaces. Under his guidance, the school launched its “Paths of Discovery” initiative to raise funds to improve the outdated science labs and convert the Jesuit residence into instructional spaces. Both the biology program and music program as they are known today were created under his direction.

As a powerful influence for change, Fr. David Creamer, S.J., was also a strong advocate for promoting the school’s bursary program to accommodate students of more modest means. Together with Board Chair Michael Leipsic, he worked to make bursaries more available and accessible to the surrounding community and specifically immigrant families.

Ultimately, Fr. Creamer S.J. was a builder of connections and community; he championed bringing lay leadership to the school, working to appoint Mr. Larry Franz as the first lay principal of the school, and worked to form a more robust board structure that believed in the vision of the school. Fr. Creamer S.J. also strengthened the bond between St. Paul’s High School and the wider Jesuit Network in the United States, providing the groundwork for the continued education and professional development of our teachers.

Later, Dr. Fr. Creamer S.J. continued his ministry as an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba with St. Paul’s College and is most notably remembered for bringing “Catholic Studies” to the University.

Fr. Creamer S.J. was a humble servant of the Lord and gave his many gifts and talents to many charities, institutions and people; he will be greatly missed and always remembered.

During COVID-19, a private Mass will be held in the St. Paul’s High School Canadian Martyrs’ Chapel for the repose of the soul of Fr. Creamer S.J.

Those wishing to donate in Fr. Creamer’s memory may do so to the Fr. Creamer S.J. Bursary. Please visit: https://www.stpauls.mb.ca/giving/giving_form/, Select “Other,” and enter “Fr. Creamer”.

“I pray that you will continue to live "Crusader Spirit,” that you will grow in your awareness of the needs of others and your ability to serve them. I trust that you will go out from here and see where God's glory is diminished by our inhumanity to one another, and dare to dream, risk, and give of yourself Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.”

– Fr. David Creamer S.J., 1985 Yearbook - Annual Directors Message