September 19, 2008

WE NEED YOU!!!.......Parents, Parents for Others, Grandparents, Alumni and Friends of St Paul’s.

Would you please consider volunteering for a 2 hour shift at the:

St Vital Shopping Centre, October 5-11

to sell Crusader Raffle tickets? Last year our volunteers found it a fun and easy way to make a difference.

All proceeds of the Raffle go directly to Student Activities of today, and toward the Bursary Fund for the students of tomorrow.

Pick your most convenient time and please contact John Ostermann at or 831-2323 to confirm.

It’s important we fill all the available time slots at St Vital before we move to:

Polo Park Shopping Centre, October 1 - November 27

Kildonan Place Shopping Centre - November 3-9

Thanks for your generosity!