October 9, 2008

Volunteer Coaches are needed for 9-12 year teams from the inner city/west end.

The players range in skill level from never played before to some pretty hot dribblers and outside shooters. These kids are fantastic and you could make a big difference in their lives by helping out.

The league has been very lucky to have had some coach volunteers with basketball backgrounds, surprisingly many of which were doctors in training at the Health Sciences Centre, unfortunately two just received posting outside the Province. There you go: room for someone else to have a fabulous experience! 

Most of our coaches stay involved until they literally no longer can because of circumstance that take them away – they love it. 

If you can help or want more information please contact Phillip Chiapetta '75 at pchiappetta@RossbrookHouse.ca directly or Nick Laping ‘61 at nlaping@stpauls.mb.ca