December 18, 2008


The student portion of the Campaign ended on October 27, 2008. The DRAW was on December 12, 2008.
Congatulations to Kelby Arndt, kindergarten student of Immaculate Heart of Mary School, who sold the winning ticket to his uncle Curtis Arndt and receives $500. The next two sellers names drawn are our own Parker Buckley, $300, and Bill LaPage, $200.
We thank you for encouraging your son to sell his 6 books of tickets. The responsibility of getting the job done rested with your son. Individual incentives were replaced with team incentives as we steadfastly emphasized our belief that “Men for Others” do the right thing, they work for the greater good without expecting a reward.
The proceeds from the Crusader Raffle help the students of today and tomorrow:
1.                  Student activities and Programs, and
2.                  Supporting the Bursary Program, allowing us to offer financial assistance to students who might otherwise be unable to attend St. Paul’s.
Because these programs benefit students directly, all students, with the help of their families, are expected to sell as many raffle tickets as is possible. One of our goals is to have every boy share in the success of this initiative.
As you can see the overall results of the student portion of the campaign were disappointing. We are open to suggestions on how we can improve for 2009.
Total Revenue

                                       2008                         2007
Students                      $69,732                    $95,544

Businesses/Malls      $9,284                      $9,590
MTS Centre

Parochial Schools      $23,464                    $8,734
Total                             $102,480                 $113,868

Graduation Credits Earned by class to date:

                             2008               2007             Total
Grade 9           $2,049                                     $2,049
Grade 10         $1,805              $1,672          $3,477
Grade 11         $1,333              $1,331          $2,664
Grade 12         $878                 $1,254          $2,132

We are in the process of distributing the net dollars raised between "Student Activities" and "Bursary Fund".

The President's Club, the top sellers were led by Nicholas Deluca-Taronno with 35 books sold. More to come.