February 4, 2010

St Paul’s Parents: Getting to Know St Paul’s Parents

New Parent Class Captains Leading the Charge!
Quite often St Paul’s students come to St Paul’s from smaller schools that are usually located close to home. Parents often know each other because of the smaller size of the school or because they live in the same neighbourhoods as other parents.
At St Paul’s, parents getting to know parents can be more of a challenge. It is a much bigger school. Students come from all parts of the city and from diverse backgrounds.
So, as a St Paul’s parent, how do you get to know other St Paul’s parents?
The Online Community is certainly one way to get connected to parents. As an online community member you can write messages to other parents and connect in that way. The Parent Guild and the many volunteer opportunities are certainly another way to get involved and meet people…but how do I meet these folks for the first time?
Parent Class Captains
St Paul’s is establishing a Parent Class Captain and Co-Captain for each grade and section (9-1, 9-2, 9-3, etc.). The role of the Parent Captains would be to plan (and possibly host) an initial “parent social gathering.”
We already have several Parent Class Captains in place for this spring and individual class parent social events are being planned right now to take place between February and June. We are still looking for Captains in classes 9-2, 10-2, 10-5, 10-6, 11-1, 11 - 2 and 11-4.
Please contact Nahannai Lewis (831-2312; nlewis@stpauls.mb.ca) if you are interested in being a Parent Class Captain, a Co-Captain or would be willing to host a class party.
These events will be informal gatherings intended to facilitate the meeting of new people and the making of new friends. Other parents from the class might assist in the planning by bringing either an appetizer or a bottle of wine/refreshment.
It is very often true that the friends your son will meet at St Paul’s will be among his friends for life. Almost as often, when the opportunity is presented, friendships between St Paul’s parents become life-long relationships as members of the wider St Paul’s community.
A New Event to Welcome Incoming Parents
On May 20th the Parent Guild will host a “meet and greet” reception/social gathering for the new incoming parents for the 2010/11 school year.  All parents are invited to attend and to welcome the “new” parents.  This will be a great way to meet new people and ensure that everyone benefits from being part of our community.  The Crusader Shoppe will be open that evening.
Please join us in these and other initiatives to build community among the parents of St Paul’s students. Please contact Nahannai Lewis (831-2312; nlewis@stpauls.mb.ca) for more information about these events and how you can get involved.