January 20, 2012

Lead Donor Sets Community Challenge

20 January 2012 - On Wednesday, 18 January, St Paul's High School hosted a Donor Appreciation Reception for all those who have contributed to the Partners in the Mission Capital Campaign.  Attendees were welcomed by Mr Roy Cook, Chair of the Board of Directors, who thanked the donors for their incredible generosity to the Campaign.  Mr Cook introduced Fr Alan Fogarty SJ, President of St Paul's High School, who provided an update on the progress of fundraising efforts.  Fr Fogarty detailed the evolution of the Campaign, from its inception as a result of the School's 2004-2007 strategic planning process to the present time.  At the outset of the Campaign, in consultation with the Jesuit Provincial, a fundraising goal of $10 million was established with $6 million allocated to the construction of a new multi-purpose facility and $4 million directed toward the Bursary Program. 

It was announced that, thanks to the generosity and commitment of over 180 individuals and foundations, a total of $8.75 million has been raised thus far, $2.1 million of this amount directed toward the Bursary Program.  We are confident that through the ongoing Annual Giving Campaign, we will reach our $4 million goal.  The $8.75 million raised is unprecedented in the 85 year history of the School.

At this point in the Campaign, attention must be focused on capital fundraising for the building in order to address School needs long overdue.  Fr Fogarty announced that construction will begin in March 2012 and that the MultiPlex will be operational for the 2013-2014 academic year.  He then detailed the outstanding need of $4 million to address costs associated with the building.  Attendees were asked to spread the message, challenge a friend or classmate, or to assist with the Alumni Class Challenge as a way to motivate this final fundraising push.

Following the presentation, Mr Paul Albrechtsen, the lead donor to the Capital Campaign, approached the podium and announced a challenge to existing donors, indicating that he would contribute a further $1 million to the Campaign were current donors to increase their pledges by 50%.  The additional $1 million, combined with Mr Albrechtsen's lead gift of $2 million makes his gift of $3 million the largest one ever received by St Paul's High School.  

This is a call to action for the community and we are honoured by Mr Albrechtsen's generosity.  In order to raise the outstanding $4 million, we are also challenging the members of our community of alumni, parents and friends to come forward with a donation.  

Following Mr Albrechtsen's remarks, a number of donors in attendance took to the stage to announce that they would increase their gifts to meet his challenge.  These included Mr Michael Guertin and Mr Tom Kleysen , members of the class of 1976, who confirmed their class' pledge to secure naming rights to the Alumni & Friends Hall.  They, in turn, challenged other classes to increase their fundraising efforts as part of the Alumni Class Challenge.  In addition, a number of current parents in attendance committed to supporting their sons' classes bursaries.

The Partners in the Mission Capital Campaign is the most far reaching fundraising effort in the history of St Paul's High School and we need your help to raise the remaining $4 million for the new building.  Please give today by completing a Campaign pledge form. 

Partners in the Mission Pledge Form