September 24, 2012

At a brief ceremony during Homecoming 2012 on 22 September, the Crusader Coaches’ Office at St Paul’s High School was renamed in honour of Mr Len Sitter ’61, a distinguished alumnus, dedicated past-faculty, coach and devoted parent of St Paul’s High School.

Mr Sitter’s enthusiastic support for Crusader sports began when he played football in 1959 while he was a student. Later as Vice Principal of Students and a teacher, he coached Crusader football from 1972-76, 1981-83 and from 1990-92.

Against all odds, Mr Sitter led the Crusader football team to victory in the Winnipeg High School Football League 50th Anniversary Championship in 1982, a first for St Paul’s. Upon his retirement from coaching following the 1992 season Mr Sitter held the School record for most football victories by a Head Coach. 

The Crusader Coaches’ Office served as part of the Crusader Football locker room during Coach Sitter’s tenure and has been renamed in recognition of his dedication to St Paul’s and his passion for Jesuit athletics.