October 18, 2012

Every year the Maroon and White Society sponsors four Mission Drives to raise money for those in need. This year, the first drive will take place during the week of October 22 –October 27, 2012. We will be raising funds to support The El Salvador Scholarship Fund.

This past summer, eighteen students and three faculty members of the St. Paul’s Community traveled to El Salvador to assist the villagers of Loma Linda. While there, the volunteers helped dig a large septic tank holding pit and a retaining wall for the village school in order to be able to install flush toilets. Over the course of this trip, the volunteers learned a lot about life through their experiences with the villagers. Witnessing the lifestyle of the village children in comparison to the average lifestyle of a child in Canada was life-changing. The student volunteers quickly realized just how many opportunities we as Canadians are afforded on a daily basis in comparison to the people of El Salvador.

One thing that stood out to each volunteer was that there were many students in Loma Linda and the surrounding villages who desire to continue to go to school past Grade 6 but who are unable to attend because they cannot afford the tuition. The cost of tuition, transportation, and food for these students in El Salvador totals only a few hundred dollars per year. Sadly, this modest sum is not achievable for most of villagers.

This year’s drive will be our second year raising money in support of the tuition costs for the students in El Salvador who are unable to afford an education. In the past, our drive has been able to send some 15 students to school for an entire year. Our goal this year is to raise $6000 which could send another 15 students to school for a year and is less than the tuition for just one student at St Paul’s.

Next week we are asking that students, staff, teachers or parents bring in donations to this worthy cause in order to help the people of Loma Linda and surrounding villages continue to attend school past Grade 6. Donations will primarily be collected in Mentor Groups. If you choose to donate $20.00 or more and donate by cheque you can receive a tax receipt. Cheques must be made out to St. Paul’s High School. You may memo the cheque as The El Salvador project. You may also donate online here: https://www.stpauls.mb.ca/giving/giving_form/.

If donating online, please select ‘Other’ as the gift and note ‘Mission Drive 1’ as the fund. We can only offer tax receipts for cheques and online donations.

Thank you for your consideration and for your past generosity.

Maroon and White Society