June 9, 2016

Today was the first day of the Provincial Track and Field Championships. Under intense praire heat, the Crusaders took to the track to compete against the best in the province.

There was a 2 hour storm delay but lightning in the sky was nothing compared to the lightning on the track.

Day 1 was mostly qualifying for tomorrow's and Saturday's Finals, and the Cru are sending a boat load to the finals.

Here are the Day 1 highlights.

JV Boys medley Distance relay -

Team of Riley Duma, Thane Tomlinson, Nic Peters, and Jack Taylor

Won the Provincial Silver Medal!!

JV boys 100m heats

Matt Indome - advance to final

Nic Peters - advanced to final

Varsity 100m

Stefan Hreno - advanced to final without one hair out of place.

JV 400m

Jack Taylor- Advance to final

Varsity Long Jump

Stefan Hreno - advanced to final still without a hair out of place.

JV Long Jump

Mat Indome - advanced to Final.

Varisty 400m

Luc Deleau advanced to final with a number of hairs out of place.

JV shot put

Kyle Wilfer - advanced to final

Come back tomorrow to see how the Crusaders made out.