June 10, 2016

After watching his fellow teammates tear up the track, grade 10 shot putter Kyle Wilfer decided to get into the fun. Wilfer's huge toss of 12.97 placed him in the bronze medal position.

The night ended with the junior Varsity boys 4X 400m relay led by anchor Jack Taylor. Taylor came from way back to claim the bronze for the Cru. Taylor made up 50 meters on the lead runners and ended up less than a second out of gold.

Lots of heats took place today with once again many Crusaders advancing to the finals on the final day.


Here are the highlights:

Junior Varsity 100m finals

Gold - Matt Indome

8th - Nic Peters

Varsity 100m Finals

Gold - Stefan Hreno

JV Shot Put

Bronze - Kyle Wilfer

JV 4 X 400m Relay

Bronze - Tristan Hutter, Thane Tomlinson, Riley Duma, Jack Taylor

JV 200m

Matt Indome - Advance to Final

Varsity 200m

Luc Deleau - Advance to Final

JV 800

Jack Taylor - Advance to Final

JV 4 X 100m - Advance to Final

Varsity 4 X 100 - Advance to Final

Tune in tomorrow where all the Finals will be run.