June 11, 2016

Part 1

Spectators paid for the whole seat on Saturday, but only needed the edge.

The closest team compettion in MHSAA history came down to the final jump of the entire meet.

Matt Indome stood alone on the runway, this was the final jump of the competition.  All eyes were on him, everyone knew what was at stake. He carried the hopes and dreams of all his team members who had laid everything on the line over the past 3 days of intense competition.

Heart racing, sweat dripping, muscles aching, he knew what he had to do. The Crusader were down 7.5 points to the Garden City Gophers. A winning jump would give the Cru 8 points and the Provincail JV championship. The best jump of the day was a huge 6.02 meters. Could he get over that?

Matt raced down the runway at break neck speed, hit the board perfectly and launched into the air. When Matt finally came down into the sand the crowd gasped and anxiously awaited the measurement.


Individual highlights will be posted tomorrow. Congrats on all the incredible performances today.