June 3, 2021

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians:      

Earlier today, Education Minister Cliff Cullen, along with Dr. Jas Atwal, announced that “To mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, all Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools in Winnipeg, will remain in remote learning until the end of the school year, with the ability to reopen to small groups as of June 14.”  

As per the announcement by the province, remote learning will continue at St. Paul’s until June 18 for most students; those students who require recovery learning may be required to attend school from June 21 – June 30. Next week’s instructional schedule is attached, and subsequent instructional schedules will be posted in the Weekly News Blog (The Weebly). 

Fridays will continue to be used for asynchronous learning, independent study, virtual help sessions with teachers and wellness. 

Teachers will continue to monitor student engagement, and counsellors will be in touch with families who may be required to attend school, in-person. Small groups of students may continue to come to school for in-person learning to ensure they remain engaged and receive learning support. 

To Our Graduates 

St. Paul’s High School continues to look at ways we can celebrate the Class of 2021, and we remain committed to celebrating this momentous occasion for our graduates. 

Please see the grad communication sent out on Monday, June 1; another communication detailing any potential changes will be sent at a later date. 

A Special Note to Students: 

These last couple of months have been difficult. We continue to be impressed by your tenacity, fortitude, and resiliency. 

Please know that not a day has gone by that we have not been thinking about you and praying for you. 

Specifically, to the Class of 2021, know that our entire school community, alumni, parents, your peers, and teachers are all thinking about you - we are going to do whatever we can to celebrate your success. 

And to our parents:  

Just as this pandemic impacts your sons, it also impacts you as parents. 

We understand the sense of loss and disappointment with how this year has unfolded and how it is ending in light of today’s announcement. 

Please know that our staff is deeply grateful for your commitment to your sons’ education and your cooperation with the school in offering the best possible learning experience for your sons. 

We continue to be uplifted by the messages of support we have received from you, our parents. 

At every turn this year, our students have responded with fortitude to the challenges they have faced. Your sons have enriched our community by their commitment to becoming men for others, and they have made our school better by their presence. 

Know that we love your sons and look forward to their return, whether as a newly graduated alumnus or student. 

We have an incredibly strong and resilient community; we will get through this together. 

Wishing you all a safe and restful weekend, 

Kevin Booth '78, President      Bob Lewin, Principal

Reminder: Manitobans 12 years of age and older are eligible to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. You can now book your vaccine appointment online (LINK: https://patient.petalmd.com/login?groupId=6032). Click here (LINK: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/vaccine/eligibility-criteria.html) for more information about the COVID-19 vaccine and eligibility for Manitobans.