April 12, 2012

The Admissions Committee met Wednesday and the school mailed out letters to all applicants by the end of business Thursday. Some people will begin receiving letters as early as Friday in the mail. However, given that Canada Post deliveries can take up to 3 days locally please only call the school to inquire if you have not received a letter by the end of the day on Wednesday next week (April 18th).

If your son applied you will receive one of three letters: Acceptance, Wait List or Decline. The Admissions process involves having to make some very difficult choices and the School would like to thank all who applied for thier interest in having thier son attend the School. Unfortunately, the admissions process is a necessarily comptetitive process and we are not able to offer a place to many deserving applicants.

Please be patient with the mailing process and if your son did not get admitted this year please consider reapplication the next year as a limited number of spots do become available each year in the higher grades.